Live Life

So today is back to school day. Whether this is your first day of school ever, your first day back to school or the first day back to your last year of school, be thankful your here. Life is so short and we all get caught up in the small stuff. Dream big, play hard and never give up. Life should be an adventure and a challenge. I am always reminded of how short life is when days like this arise. Many of you know that I lost my dad at a very young 48 years old. He was special in so many ways. To see my daughter grow up and do great things and head off to middle school almost saddens me. He passed when she was only 11 months old. He never saw a birthday with her. He never saw her walk. He never heard her talk or be a smart ass, which she is. He never took her back to school shopping. He never got to see her dance. He won’t get to see her graduate, get married or have babies. I know everyone says the departed are here with us but days like this make them seem so far away. So be thankful for every moment, every smile, every achievement, and every day you have. You never know when it’ll be your last. Cherish those that you love and surround yourself with people that make you smile.

5 days left

Wow I can’t believe its so close to the end. Since I’ve last posted we’ve stayed close to home. Last Thursday Hannah had to present her stage diorama. It was so fun being creative with my girl. Creating a stage seen from Beauty and the Beast was a tad difficult but we did it. It turned out so cute. We had to make an apron and character skirt for her upcoming performance. I taught Hannah how to do a locking seam stitch by hand. She was so proud of herself. We visited the Ballet West costume tour on Friday. It’s sponsored by Zion Bank. It was a small display but the costumes were amazing. The one thing we noticed right off the bat was that they use glass rhinestones and not Swarovski crystals. Crazy since Swarovski gives off such a gorgeous shine and glimmer that can be seen at the back of the house. The stitch work was crazy good. Hand embroidered pieces that took more than 40 hours to create 1 piece. Hannah said that If we move here and I can’t find work as a makeup artist I could go back into sewing and create awesome costumes. She really touched my heart with that. I never thought she cared about the things I made. Saturday we walked around to the local shops. We found the most enticing chocolate shop. We couldn’t decide what to get so we pretty much got 1 of everything. They had the largest Carmel apples, large Carmel and chocolate covered pretzels and every kind of chocolate you could think of. Oh yea and the fudge! Peanut butter and jelly fudge, grasshopper fudges, rocky road fudge, white chocolate macadamia fudge, oh lord they were fantastic. Homemade pulled salt water taffy and the best and softest Carmel ever! We went to a frozen yogurt place that had so many flavors and toppings. Then Friday started Utah’s Pioneer days. The place felt like Fourth of July all over again. We got to watch fireworks right from our apartment. It was incredible. We again had fireworks last night and there is supposed to be more tonight. It’s so full of life around this time. Craft fairs, food trucks, native American performances, a parade and so much music and activities all around. All I can say is it’s like Mardi Gras for Utah! Yesterday we decided to have a picnic at Sugar house park. It was crazy to see the hundreds of geese, seagulls and ducks. We sat across from the lake and watched car loads of people in a feeding frenzy with all the birds. There is a tunnel bridge that goes from right behind our apartment, under the street right to the park. We watched kids rolling down the hill sides. Hannah thought it was the craziest thing. I told her how when I was a kid I would go ice blocking down hillsides. She laughed thinking I was nuts. We decided we will try it sometime and next year we will teach her how to fish. Today we lying low and just preparing for the upcoming week and then the long trip home. Thank you all for reading and sharing in our journey.

Only 10 days left

Yep almost to single digit days left in our trip. It’s been so amazing. The weather is fantastic at never reaching above 95 when home is 110 or higher. When it says its gonna rain it actually does. Getting fresh air everyday with a walk, run or just leaving the windows open is the best.
I’ve missed my dogs, my friends and my family back home but to share this experience with Hannah has been awesome. Whether we do this again or not it will be something I never forget nor will she.
To see all the nature around each day. The birds, the dogs, cats, ducks, geese & ducklings is wonderful. The hillsides and greenery every which way I look is breathtaking.
Having Dave herder the last week was so wonderful. I missed him so much. To experience this with him and show him all that we’ve seen was great. I was sad to have him go back home but I understand.
We went to a ton of vape shops and tattoo shops for him to work. Its so different here. Some shops were gorgeous. Some reminded us of Vegas with all the lights and bling.
Hannah is in the middle of her 4th week of classes and has learned so much. She’s experienced disappointment and great furthering feedback. To get fitted for her pointe shoes only lifted her to the next level in her life. She smiled all the way home. Then to watch her sew on her ribbons made me smile. Today she had to make a poster for her mock Beauty and the beast performance. Glitter letters and foiled paper to make it stand out and she got second place in the poster contest. Today we walked to the craft store and enjoyed some frozen yogurt. We have to make a stage diorama for her class on Thursday. Should be so much fun. I’ll be sure to post pictures of everything.
There are still so many things we hope to do before we leave that we’ve actually had to make a list. So now its crunch time to knock them all out. I hope everyone is having a great summer and trying new things. Take in all the little things and enjoy every second because life is way too short to pass anything by. Until next time.

Trip Update

Hello everyone! We only have 15 more days left in our trip. It’s been amazingly fun. So here it is the latest and greatest if our trip. All the normal class stuff and stage craft home work to do. Then Tuesday Hannah had her pointe shoe fitting. I of course almost cried. I’m so proud of my girl. She tried on so many pairs of shoes but the second I saw the Russian Pointe shoe go on her foot, I just knew those were the ones. They hugged her foot so nicely. She was told that her feet were perfect and the lady said she loved her feet. In the dancer world this is a true compliment. I then had to stock up on tights, haha.
Lots of walks around SugarHouse with gorgeous weather. It’s so beautiful here we could stay forever. I’ll admit I did check out the housing market. But don’t you worry our lives are still in Arizona. Maybe later on.
Homework this week has been so fun. Stage craft had us designing a stage makeup face chart for the Beauty and the Beast performance. I showed her how to use a professional face chart and apply real makeup. It was so cool to be able to use my makeup skills and teaching skills with my baby girl. We laughed and had a blast. Up next was designing a costume chart. Again applying my seamstress skills and art skills. I think I might’ve had more fun with homework than Hannah did. But we turned it in and everything was on “pointe”.
The best part of the week has been that Dave/daddy came for a visit. We’ve missed him so much. We spent the day hanging out and showing him the trails around and walked to shops nearby. He of course made fun of us for being so into walking everywhere. Today he actually asked how close were things. He’ll get used to it. I’ll make him into a Salt Lake walker before he leaves! We spent the day visiting Vape shops for him to do some business. Next will be visiting tattoo shops to sell some of his machines. We of course had to try out some food places that we don’t have back home.
A bit of sad news, Hannah didn’t get into the pointe class. We don’t have much time left so I’m thinking it’s because of that short time period. Oh well it’s a good learning experience for Hannah to not get in right away. She was bummed for a second but then said that next year she will just be better for it and now try even harder to make level 6.
Well that’s it for now. Talk to you soon.

Had to update some great news!

So a quick note about yesterdays trip to Rockport reservoir. So nice and cool. You can go boating, paddle boating, paddle surfing, swimming, camping and fishing. Such a sight. A must visit if your in town.

And now for the best news ever! Today I picked Hannah up from dance and they asked us to stay behind. They are considering her for level 5 ballet & has recommended her for pointe class private training. This is awesome news for her. She currently trains 11 hours a week. Once she goes into the level 5 and private lessons, she will be taking 18.5 hours. My girl will be needing some major bath time and massages. I’m sure she won’t mind the pampering though. She has been working so hard. I’m am so proud of her. Words can’t even express my joy for her. She was not only recommended by her teacher but the level 5 teacher was observing her in class and made the recommendation. So awesome that they see her potential. Also Hannah taught the combinations for the jazz class today. She said it was scary but so fun. Her teacher called her to the front of the class and said that since she has great form and a great memory, would she teach the class today. So awesome. She is making such strides and we just started our third week. I can’t even imagine what week 5 will be for us. This also means we will have to extend our trip another couple days to get her classes in. Oh well I guess I’ll be stuck here with this 70-80 degree weather and lush landscapes, bummer for me, huh.

Have a great day everyone and make it the best. Thank you shout out to all Hannah’s awesome teachers back home at Bender Performing Arts. Love you all so much.